CES Returns

CES Returns

With the turn of the new year comes yet another revolution of the Consumer Electronics Show, an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show hosted in the Las Vegas Convention Center every year.

The first ever CES was held in June of 1967 in New York, New York. The event was successful and hosted over 17,000 attendees and more than 100 exhibitors. CES was held biannually from 1978 to 1994 and had a winter show in Las Vegas and a summer show in Chicago, but the winter show was so much more successful the event’s organizers eventually decided to hold CES once a year, only in Las Vegas.

CES has a reputation for debuting everything from the revolutionary to the insane; Videocassette recorders were first exhibited at CES in 1970, while the Digital Satellite System made its first appearance at CES in 1994.

CES22015 was also an exciting year for CES, which should come as no surprise to those aware of the tech boom occurring in our modern era. The Internet of Things was a common motif among attendees and exhibitors, with wearables and home automation devices dominating the new devices. Auto manufacturers also offered a glimpse into their development of driver-free technology.

So what can we expect from this year’s CES, which is planned for January 6-9?

Among the onslaught of insane inventions will be the aging exoskeleton, which was created in hopes of allowing younger people to have the opportunity to understand what it’s like to be an old person. Once worn, this exoskeleton makes the wearer feel up to 40 years older. Apparently wearers can still stand and walk a few steps, but their mobility and agility are severely limited.

Another trivial product; stylish and legitimately protective smartphone cases. The fashion brand STIL will be debuting their newest developments in smartphone friendly fashion.

CES3Whether you think John McAfee is brilliant or insane, you’re likely to be interested in seeing his latest project as well; he’s created a universal electronic key that can open any electronic lock (it won’t help you if you’re locked out of your apartment, however). McAfee’s key will unlock your phone, laptop, car (if you have keyless entree), home (if you have an electric lock), etc. when you’re nearby. It also automatically locks all of these things when you walk away. Obviously you’d need to take very good care of this key and keep it from running out of battery, but given that you do that it could be a very convenient device. Unless of course, you’re trying to lock someone outside of your home while you’re inside… then you better make sure not to walk too close to your front door.

Samsung’s new Super-Smart TV should be fun to check out as well. It comes with its own SmartThings hub that apparently necessitates some DY programming. The TV has voice recognition and apparently works much better than most products with similar (generally low-performing) voice recognition features. That said, the idea of a smart TV that also functions as an Internet of Things hub is a pretty good one.


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